When I thought about the best dining experiences I'd had, I was reminded of my best times as a young musician: everyone in the band had played beautifully, but each of us had been made better by the other musicians. And each of us had done that without submerging his instrument, but by presenting it, playing just the right notes for themselves, for the song, and for the others. It doesn't happen often but when it does, on the stage, or in a great restaurant, it's magical for me.

When I came to have a restaurant of my own, I wanted it to give you that feeling--that every element of the experience shows itself, is in harmony with the others, and helps make the others stand out more beautifully -- more themselves by being with the others.

Bronwyn and I choose our silverware, our china, our stemware, our kitchen tools and the music that plays at T.W.Food Restaurant to give you that experience. And we choose our wines the same way. One of the great things about having our own restaurant is that we get to taste what the importers have to offer together, or, best of all, go to great, and often little known vineyards together, and call it work. Our choices come from our playing together, spending many wonderful hours cataloging the subtleties of the wines, listing the aromas we are able to identify.

Then, drawing upon our understanding of classic pairings, giving weight to the artistic integrity and the personal philosophy of the various enormously skilled producers we've been able to meet, we select the wines we feel best compliment the food we prepare, the ones that will really "frame" the meal. It's a small list, because only a few wines seem "just right" to us. But we think the list has all the right bottles for this meal, this time, in this place. And I hope that every bottle will give you as much harmony, as much sense of leisure, playfulness and joy as we felt selecting it.