I love to create specialized artisanal and local food for weddings. These wedding menus share recipes from the restaurant, historical European traditions, and from our deep- rooted relationships with local farmers in the area. All of the food reflects exactly what is growing, blossoming, or being harvested the week of the event. In July, we fish striped bass from Duxbury or bluefish from Marblehead. Farmer Peter in Lincoln may have a beautiful Tamworth hog, or maybe a veal leg from our friends at Waverly Farm in Vermont. Beautiful heirloom zucchini marinated with sea salt and purple basil or gorgeous heirloom tomatoes could appear. In August and September we move through sweet corn, baby potatoes– how about in a corn and local oyster bisque? Late in the year, New England is ripe with squash, apples and pears.

Our wedding galas include a pre-dinner food reception featuring hand-made European sausages that embody the tastes of my many years in Europe (French Boudin Blanc, Italian Cotechino, Polish Kielbasa, German Bratwurst). We feature an artisanal cheese buffet with handcrafted works from Massachusetts or Vermont, and high quality producers in the Jura of France or the Alpine meadows of Italy.

With these foods, my wife Bronwyn selects artisanal craft beers from top quality microbreweries. These beer companies mirror our local food philosophy and share values of limited production, seasonal recipes and traditional European beer making techniques. For wines, we expand on the joys of marrying food and wine that take place every night at T.W.Food Restaurant. High quality growers from Italy, France, or America are specifically chosen to highlight the nuances of the menu.

The team I choose for these events often includes my good friends like Mark Trumble, a local cheese expert with 20 years experience at both Formaggio Kitchen and A. Russo of Watertown, or Jill Santopietro, freelance food writer and cooking inspiration, who has work with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse, or Michael Rhoads, owner / baker at the award- winning B&R Artisan Bakery in Framingham, Ma. Together, we present a food product that comes alive with knowledge about origins, recipes, history and tradition. A wedding is one of the big days in our lives, and contributing to this, I consider an honor. As the Chef, I guarantee that I will cook all of the food for you on this important day.

Artisanal Food Weddings are available off-site for up to 250 guests. For more information, please call the restaurant at 617-864-4745.