Thursday, July 24th
Summer's Bounty VIEW MENU

Celebrate the Summer’s Bounty with a six course tasting menu. Summer sunshine brings back the ingredients that we have been waiting for all year! Sweet corn, lobster, summer truffles, foraged mushrooms and caviar(why not)! $85 per person, $55 optional wine pairing. Vegetarian menu available with advanced notice.

Tuesday, July 8th
Southwest France VIEW MENU

The Southwest, referred to as the “Sud-Ouest,” is one of the lesser known wine regions of France. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the West and the Pyrenees mountains on the East. Traditional Bordeaux varieties and a plethora of indigenous grapes grow here with unique terroir, making this a complex and exciting region. Bergerac, Jurancon and Cahors!

Tuesday, July 15th
Piedmont VIEW MENU

Piedmont translates to “foot of the mountains,” appropriately named due to its subalpine terrain in North West Italy. The area has more DOCGs and DOCs than any other Italian region. Piedmont is most famous for it’s big, juicy, well-balanced red wines, mainly from Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes, but also produces dry white wines in Gavi and sweet Moscato in Asti!

Tuesday, July 22nd
Savoie & Bugey VIEW MENU

France’s easternmost wine regions of Savoie and Bugey are located in the hills and valleys of the French Alps. The lofty vineyards often grow chardonnay with verve, but the highlight is the multitude of other wines. Whites are often steely and stony, while ruby-colored reds are spicy and bursting with just-ripe fruit.